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  • F1, teams set to compromise over inflation crisis
  • Jun.27 (GMM) F1's governing body has proposed to end the current budget cap argument by paying teams a fixed amount to counteract raging inflation. Although many of the smaller teams insist the $140 million budget cap should be strictly enforced this year, others - including Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari - argue that the inflation crisis could hardly be more serious. "There's probably abou...full article
  • Porsche still 'confident' about F1 entry
  • Jun.27 (GMM) Porsche is showing no signs of backing away from its stated intention to enter Formula 1 in 2026. Last week, we reported that Porsche and another Volkswagen-owned German carmaker - Audi - were getting nervous about the delayed confirmation of the next set of engine regulations. But Oliver Blume, Porsche's CEO, seems comfortable with the direction of the talks. "We welcome th...full article
  • F1 inks massive new US television deal
  • Jun.27 (GMM) Formula 1 has managed to multiply the value of its television rights deal in the United States by a staggering factor of 15. That is the revelation of Sports Business Journal, reporting that Liberty Media-owned Formula One Management has leveraged the sport's popularity explosion in the US in renewing its deal with ESPN through 2025. We reported earlier that rival bidders, incl...full article

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