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  • 'Affordable' Las Vegas GP ticket slammed as 'madness'
  • Jun.19 (GMM) One of the world's most respected specialist sports publications has slammed the new "affordable" price for a ticket to the Las Vegas GP as "madness". The glitzy and controversial race's CEO Renee Wilm, responding to criticism of the extraordinary prices offered for the inaugural event last year, this week unveiled a "much more affordable" price-point for the limited standing-only...full article
  • Bottas, Ricciardo, slammed as F1's endangered 'clowns'
  • Jun.19 (GMM) A well-known motor racing personality has identified the two current Formula 1 drivers he would like to see exit the paddock gates at the end of 2024. After all 20 drivers kept their place on the grid after the 2023 season, the so-called 'silly season' for 2025 has been particularly active this year. "The market has been so volatile, and for the drivers who are waiting it can b...full article
  • 2026 regulations actually 'not radical' - Alonso
  • Jun.19 (GMM) Fernando Alonso has thrown a bucket of cold water over the wildest worries about the seemingly radical rules revolution of 2026. The 42-year-old actually originally quit Formula 1 after the McLaren-Honda debacle, but returned in 2021 with Alpine hoping that the 'ground effect' era beginning in 2022 would give him another chance to win. "I planned to do those two years and see h...full article

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