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  • Williams says Villeneuve comments 'irritating'
  • May 25 (GMM) Claire Williams has admitted comments made recently by the team's last world champion Jacques Villeneuve were "irritating". Under her leadership, the once-great British team is having a season even more woeful than in 2018. And things are even worse in Monaco. "Monaco emphasises the weaknesses of our car," Robert Kubica said. "Here, everything is even worse." Recently, V...full article
  • Binotto admits designer could return to Ferrari
  • May 25 (GMM) Ferrari could recall its former chief designer from Alfa Romeo. Mid last year, it emerged that Simone Resta would move from Maranello to Sauber, the Swiss team that this year became Alfa Romeo. Now, after Ferrari failed to win a single grand prix so far in 2019, Resta could return from the Ferrari 'B' team to Italy. "I heard the rumours," Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto sai...full article
  • F1 scraps plans for standard gearbox design
  • May 25 (GMM) Plans to standardise gearbox design in 2021 have been scrapped. Earlier, tenders were issued by the FIA not only for gearbox design, but also various other components including brakes, wheels and fuel systems. But the governing body has now announced that the World Motor Sport Council voted against the imposition of a single gearbox supplier. "The Council's decision was base...full article

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