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  • Ocon hits out as 2024 Williams link emerges
  • Jul.19 (GMM) Esteban Ocon has renewed his criticism of Alpine, as it emerges he even wanted to leave the team before the 2024 season is even complete. Amid on and off-track conflicts with his fellow French teammate Pierre Gasly this year and behind-the-scenes trouble with team bosses, Ocon and Alpine announced at the beginning of June that they will part ways for 2025. However, it is now em...full article
  • Hungary package 'much bigger' than other upgrades - Verstappen
  • Jul.19 (GMM) Red Bull's Hungarian GP upgrade is "much bigger" than the other packages of improvements the team has brought to races so far in 2024. Team advisor Dr Helmut Marko says the new components, some highly visible and others not, "must now have an effect", given that he admits the formerly-dominant team is no longer the fastest car in the field. "We want to see improvements on the s...full article
  • Contract could be 'no use' for Perez after summer break
  • Jul.19 (GMM) Sergio Perez's new contract will be "no use" to the Mexican if he cannot immediately up his game. It is now clear that another two poor performances over the back-to-back Hungarian and Belgian GP weekends will trigger a termination clause in the deal. Red Bull F1 advisor Dr Helmut Marko insists Perez's meagre 15-point haul from the past six races, more than 100 less than Max Ve...full article

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