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  • US GP loses $20m in government backing
  • Feb.21 (GMM) A dark cloud has moved over the financial health of the US grand prix in Austin. The Associated Press reports that race organisers have missed a paperwork deadline and as a result will lose $20 million of government backing. The missing paperwork is reportedly a mandatory anti human trafficking plan. A spokesman for Texas governor Greg Abbott said the state had no option but...full article
  • Claire Williams says team will race in Australia
  • Feb.21 (GMM) A contrite Claire Williams has faced the F1 media in Barcelona, admitting Williams' absence from the opening two days amid fierce speculation was "embarrassing". But the once-great British team's deputy boss would not comment on precisely what the problem was back at the Grove factory. "It wasn't just one thing," she told Finland's MTV, "but I'm not going to talk about it publi...full article
  • No date set for Lauda's F1 return - son
  • Feb.21 (GMM) Niki Lauda will return to F1 when he is ready. That is the news from the F1 legend's son Mathias. Earlier, Lauda - who turns 70 on Friday - targeted his return to the paddock from a lung transplant for the Barcelona tests. But he is not yet strong enough even to travel to Australia for the season opener. However, Mathias Lauda told DPA news agency: "He is fighting like a li...full article

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