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  • Overtaking 'still very hard' in 2019 - Verstappen
  • Mar.20 (GMM) Max Verstappen has joined those who don't think the 2019 rule changes have made overtaking easier. Lewis Hamilton said in Melbourne that the wider and simpler front wings were "no different" in terms of giving the chasing car the ability to pass. And Romain Grosjean said it is now easier to follow but not pass, due to the weakness of the Pirelli tyres. Red Bull's Verstappen ...full article
  • 'Finally I have a race car' - Stroll
  • Mar.20 (GMM) Lance Stroll is delighted to once again have "a race car". The 2016 European F3 champion made his F1 debut in 2017, scoring a podium. But last year was a horror season for Williams, and with his backer and father, they moved to the newly Lawrence Stroll-owned Racing Point team for 2019. In Australia, Stroll finished ninth and declared afterwards: "Finally I have a race car. ...full article
  • Haas drivers slam new point for fastest lap rule
  • Mar.20 (GMM) Haas' two F1 drivers have slammed the new 'point for fastest lap' rule in F1. But Ross Brawn, Liberty Media's F1 sporting boss, hailed the introduction of the scheme after Melbourne, saying it "livened up" the end of the race. "That was exactly what we and the FIA had in mind when it came up with the idea," he told F1's official website. But Kevin Magnussen says the rule onl...full article

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