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  • Top F1 teams 'too reliable' - Todt
  • Dec.15 (GMM) Jean Todt thinks the level of car reliability in formula one is too high. He said the fact cars can often go a full season without a mechanical breakdown in a race shows that too much money is spent. Referring to Lewis Hamilton, the FIA president told Auto Bild: "He did not make any mistakes, but he also had an incredibly strong car -- strong in terms of performance and reliabi...full article
  • Grid girls must stay in F1 - Verstappen
  • Dec.15 (GMM) F1 drivers hope 'grid girls' remain a part of formula one in the future. In an increasingly progressive world and under the new Liberty Media regime, F1 sporting director Ross Brawn admits using scantily clad women on the grid is "under strong review". "There's a lot of people who respect the tradition and there's people who feel that it has become a bit dated, so we're address...full article
  • Toro Rosso working to fit Honda engine
  • Dec.15 (GMM) Toro Rosso is working hard to fit the Honda power unit into its 2018 car. The basis of the Red Bull junior team's car for next year was designed around the Renault power unit, but that deal is moving to McLaren for 2018. Toro Rosso technical boss James Key said the Honda unit is "fundamentally different". "It's a very compact unit, but a different architecture to the Renault...full article

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