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  • Alonso may not succeed in F1 comeback - Massa
  • Nov.23 (GMM) Fernando Alonso's return to Formula 1 could be as unsuccessful as that of his former championship rival and F1 legend Michael Schumacher. That is the warning of former F1 driver Felipe Massa, who is uniquely positioned to comment given that he served as both Schumacher and Alonso's teammate at Ferrari. "Fernando is a phenomenon with a talent that is rarely seen among drivers," ...full article
  • 2022 cars may be 1 second slower than now - Key
  • Nov.23 (GMM) The new-generation cars of 2022 may only be a single second slower than the unprecedentedly-fast single seaters of this year. That is the view of McLaren technical boss James Key, following predictions by some of his colleagues that suggested the new cars could lag the current pace by as much as 7 seconds per lap. "We're discussing this internally at the moment because we need ...full article
  • Perez-Indycar 'stories' doing the rounds - Chilton
  • Nov.23 (GMM) Three current Formula 1 drivers could be joining two other F1 refugees in the top American single seater category Indycar next year. That is the prediction of Max Chilton, a British driver who moved from Marussia to Indycar for 2016. He was commenting on the fact that Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen and even Sergio Perez could make the move across the Atlantic for 2021. "Th...full article

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